Headhunt Field Specialists

ECR Screening and Database

Reference Checking when deemed necessary:

Criminal Clearance
    Criminal Record
    Credit Vetting / Financial Check
    Driver’s License
    Previous Employment
    Character Reference Check
    Qualification Verification Checks
  Written Integrity Testing and Aptitude Tests for highly sensitive positions
  Polygraph Testing in high security situations

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  Unique CBT developed [computer-based training] Induction Program.  This program introduces all new Employees to the Group and includes all aspects of the business from historical overview to policies and procedures.  The program is modular in approach and tests inductees to ensure that information has been learnt.  Scores below certain thresholds require that inductees repeat the relevant module.

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Our approach is to establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve a quality management system that ensures that we consistently provide superior products and services based on our Client’s needs, which we enhance through ongoing measurement of customer satisfaction.  Our quality is build on solid foundations:


Our mission is to develop a partnership with our Clients such that we clearly understand their needs and requirements, as this is paramount to a successful partnership.

  Management Commitment

We commit to the sound and thorough management of each and every site we control.  Our flat and lean management structure, our high ratio of management to security personnel, our hands-on senior management involvement and our flexible management solutions ensure our success.  We continually grow in expertise and as such, the basic fundamentals such as site control; uniform job descriptions and communication are systematically implements.


We provide carefully selected and inducted properly trained personnel who are suitable for their specific posts.


We operate on the credo: “document what you do and do what you document”.


Measurement is the key to our ongoing effectiveness and ranges from our overall customer comment card feedback system to site specific measurement processes.


We are unique in that we have an integrated management support structure that, in partnership with our Clients, continually analyses future scenarios while coping with day-to-day operations.  In this way we trouble-shoot and innovate, providing new solutions, continually raising the quality bar.

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  Internal Theft
  Business Abuse
  Workplace Safety
  Customer Service
  ALERTLINE Hotline – Anonymous Report of Business Abuse
  Armed Robbery Survival Skills Workshop
  Introduction to Retail Security Management
  From Crime Scene to Court – The Legal Elements
  Occupational Health & Safety – Assigned Persons
  Fire Technology
  CCTV Management
  Basic Investigation
  Fraud Investigation
  Hijack Survival Skills

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  [See EMPS Services Fact Sheets enclosed]

As a manpower business, the development of skills has always been a crucial aspect of our approach.  We understand the need to constantly improve our human capital.  The Skills Development process has enabled us to formalise our focus on the development of skills.


Our training policy is linked to our objective and strategy of aggressive growth.  It is also linked to the goals and objectives of the Poslec Seta.  Our training centres offer specialised training programs that address the needs of learners.  The training enables the Security Officers to perform their daily tasks with more insight.  Training is aimed at not only enhancing knowledge but also attitudes.  The main objective of our specialised training program is to improve the performance of our Security Officers.  Quality enhanced by continuous training and standards reinforcement is a key theme in our operational teams. This is achieved through our network of branches covering a broad area of South Africa.

  The following training is available to employees:
  Site Specific Training
  Public Relations / Customer Care Training
  Standard Security Courses Accredited with PSIRA – Grades & Specialist qualifications
  Functional & Skills Learning Courses
  Security Supervision & Operations Management
  Control Room Operations
  Senior Security Management
  Advanced Driving Course
  Crime Prevention Courses
  First Aid Training for Specific Individuals
  Firearm: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  Medical Emergencies
  Bomb Threats
  Hostage Incidents
  Natural Disasters
  Fire & Safety Officer
  Fire Fighting Training

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Training and development programs are in progress for people from previously disadvantaged communities:

  Contact Centre Learnership for people with disabilities – we currently have 4 learners
  In-house Induction program
  In-house training of security staff

Our company is involved in the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities through:

  Providing financial assistance for education of employees
  Employment Equity Procurement policy

We have assisted in setting up a 51% Black owned business and are mentoring the directors to assist them in making the enterprise profitable

  Social investment programs:
  Sponsorship for an employee to enable him/her.

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Our mentorship and succession planning initiative is aligned with our affirmative action process.  The initiative is directed by our Group Managing Director and assesses the company’s human capital needs based on projected scenarios.

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We have a Group bursary program offered to Black staff in particular, aimed at social investment and upliftment of the team who have given consistently good service to our companies.

  Salaries at  Industry standards
  Guaranteed 13th Cheque
  Pension Fund
  Funeral Policy
  Uniform provided
  Career Path Development

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This is a process which motivates all employees, thus making them partners in our business. Recognising and rewarding our outstanding performers is a critical process for enhancing quality.  Our Eagles Award program provides the means for this process to occur.  The greatest freedom one can give to another is to empower them to reach their true potential.  Our recognition and reward focus is dedicated to those who lend their wings to others, enabling them to soar to even greater heights.  The program includes:

  Eagle Awards Incentive Program

Quarterly incentives with larger top-up awards for exceptional performance based on bettering last year’s financial performance, scoring on customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

  Eagle Business Unit Award
    Top Business Unit of the year based on the incentive program criteria.
  Eagle In Action Award

Adhoc award for individuals who go the extra mile or beyond the call of duty, as recognised by Clients and colleagues.

  Eagle Recognition & Reward
    Quarterly-based scheme aimed at staff who fall outside of the incentive program.
  Eagles In Action Award
    Adhoc award for individuals who “go the extra mile” as recognised by Clients and colleagues.

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