Lodge Sibumbene is committed to providing professional, reliable and efficient personnel who offer total protection to our Clients’ premises, staff and assets.  With comprehensive screening selection and recruitment techniques, including polygraphs, our personnel undergo detailed training, tailored to individual company specifications.

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  Our security specializes provide the following:
  Security Guard Personnel

We provide the essential uniformed presence, the vanguard of all protection initiatives.

  CCTV and EAS Monitoring Personnel

Our skilled staff also provide and manage onsite reaction and management of technology.

  Loss Control Managers

Our personnel are experts in providing focused assistance to Client management in the implementation and management of loss control initiatives.

  Detail System Checkers in Receiving/Despatch

Checking is a more reliable approach to ensuring that your business’ systems are not being exploited.  We are also able to adapt our function to your exact requirements.

  Roving Systems Auditors

Our newly developed roving systems checking initiative provides a cost-effective solution to back door checking.  This is particularly suitable at the point of receiving stock.

  Hot Product Controllers

Keep a close eye on high price items that are targeted by thieves due to their value.  The HP Controller is a person put in charge of these products to receive them into the store, do daily counts and replenish stock on the shelves.  The HP Manager System is an electronic counting system which allows the HP Controller to enter stock counts into a handheld computer which then transfers the counts once a day via MTN GPRS network to a web server at our Head Office.  The results then become available on the secure HP Manager website to retail management.

  Store Detectives

Our store detectives also provide the means for you to combat customers shoplifting from you business.

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  Event Security Personnel

Lodge Sibumbene Events – a division of Lodge Service Group is committed to providing professional, reliable, efficient and cost effective security personnel who offer total protection for our Client’s events and assets.


With comprehensive screening, selection and recruitment techniques, including polygraphs, our personnel undergo detailed PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) minimum Grade D & E security and event course training.

  Security Officer Personnel

Lodge Sibumbene supplies large numbers of highly presentable, training personnel for all your event needs such as:

    Expos, Tradeshows, Conventions and Fairs
    Major Sporting Events
    Store Openings
    Parking Control
    Cash Control
    In addition Lodge Sibumbene Evens can supply:
    Security Dogs
    Armed Guards
    Armed Response
    VIP Protection
    Golf Carts
  Security Officer Management

A critical aspect to event success is not only the supply of security personnel but also the caliber of management that accompanies and controls the personnel on a daily basis.  Our managers have developed extensive security management experience from events such as:

    The 2003 World Cup Cricket
    Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Celebration
    The Oprah Winfrey Road Show
    702 Walk for Life
    First National Bank Walk the Talk
    Johannesburg Zoo
    Securex Exhibition 2004

In addition to our crowd control and event management services, we are well known throughout cricket stadiums across the country.

  CCTV and EAS Monitoring Personnel

With our skilled teams we are also able to provide and manage onsite event reaction and management of technology such as Closed Circuit TV and Electronic Article Surveillance systems.


We provide large number of trained personnel for all events and circumstances from major sporting events to store openings, exhibitions, conventions, tradeshows, labour disruptions and emergencies.  Our crowd control and event management services are well known at cricket stadiums across the country and in most cases technology such as CCTV or radio contact between deployed personnel is also used to assist them to manage the event.

  Event Security References
    Supersport Park
    Boxing Matches
    Sandton Convention Centre
    Nelson Mandela’s Children's Fund

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  Lodge Sibumbene offers Clients a wide range of consulting, risk analysis and loss control services.  Lodge’s aim is to identify vulnerabilities, systems weaknesses and areas with loss potential, and implement the measures necessary to reduce them.

Having identified the problem areas, a comprehensive set of solutions and procedures is considered in consultation with your company and a tailor-made Loss Control Programme is designed and implemented.

  Areas of focus include:
    Access control and general site/installation security
    Asset Protection
    Security Systems
    Fire, Safety and Emergency Procedures
    Despatch, Receiving and General Operations
    Retail Shrinkage Reduction, Loss Prevention
    Overall Risk Assessment
    Project Planning
    Budget Recommendations
    Policies and Procedures

Our trained personnel conduct security audit visits in order to ensure compliance with the required procedures as well as identifying and eliminating areas of loss, whether cased by dishonesty, error or carelessness.  In addition, Lodge personnel are available at short notice to investigate any security-related problems wherever and whenever they might arise.


Our Loss Control Programmes increase staff awareness and raise the profile of security within the business.  The company is seen to be providing staff with support while simultaneously reducing both losses and costs, resulting in overall increased profitability.


Our expertise in consulting and loss control services encompasses world-class solutions and benchmarks, maintained through our international links and impressive service record and vast knowledge of the industry.

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Integrity, professionalism and efficiency underlie our local and international investigations.  We offer a comprehensive range of investigative services that provide you with the necessary intelligence you need to ensure your business is secure at all times.


Management cannot always pinpoint areas of loss and other areas of dishonesty within the business.  Lodge Sibumbene undercover personnel are able to provide meaningful information to enable a course of corrective action.

    Investigations typically concentrate on the following:
    Identifying potential areas of dishonesty
    Exposure of misconduct with regard to pilfering and procedural transgressions
    Revealing abuses of timekeeping and unsatisfactory conduct by employees
    Gathering evidence for remedial action, recovery of loss and prosecution if required
  Test Purchasing

Test purchasing [known as TP], carried out totally anonymously by Lodge’s expertly trained staff, is a cost-effective method of detecting till-point dishonesty and procedural transgressions.  Cash theft is easily disguised by under-ringing, failing to register sales, manipulating cheques or collusion between friends.

  TP Plus

TP Plus combines assessing till-point dishonesty and procedural transgressions with customer service measurement.  It combines the cash handling and security-focused elements of test purchasing with the service evaluation, measurement and analysis skills of our specialist retail research company, REACT SURVEYS.


Staying competitive in the retail market demands ever more sophisticated techniques and the TP plus programme from Lodge provides the ideal and cost effective way of reducing staff dishonesty and improving customer service.


We believe that there are many benefits to using polygraphs in a business context.  With a polygraph you can separate the truths from the half-truths, facts from deception and provide a balanced outcome to any set of circumstances.


This polygraph test is used for individuals being considered for employment and can be modified to fit your profile and requirement for the position.  This is particularly useful for employees who will be employed in a position of trust.


Tests are conducted on subjects from time to time according to need.  This does not constitute targeting specific employees but is rather aimed at identifying and securing ongoing honesty and integrity within the test cycles.

      An efficient tool in testing individuals associated with specific issues.
  Special Investigative and Forensic Services
    We offer:
    Comprehensive background checks both for individuals and corporate bodies
    Financial and commercial investigations
    Fraud investigations
    Corporate Forensic analysis
    Handwriting analysis

Surveillance techniques – combining expertise of personnel with updated sophisticated technological equipment


We ensure that your offices are completely free of eavesdroppers.  We sweep and debug, focusing on boardrooms, executive offices and areas of vulnerability within a business.

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Our international links and partnerships with equipment manufacturers, suppliers and installers ensure that we provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date technology solutions.

  Equipment Programmes

Our CCTV system applications are available in either covert or overt formats, designed to ensure that individual Client needs are catered for based on a qualified concept design.


Our EAS systems (Electronic Article Surveillance) use the latest digital signal processing technology and our wide range of systems both in design and function make it possible for each customer to find a solution for their specific needs.  Our solutions are applicable to a range of businesses from exclusive boutiques seeking a system to match their interior and style, to large retailers seeking cost effective solutions for protecting their goods or manufacturers needing loss control measures on their production lines.

  Monitoring Programmes

While technology plays a role in ensuring security, it is only a small part of the total solution.  Lodge Sibumbene personnel recognise that technology is an important tool and needs to be managed correctly.

  CCTV Monitoring

Our CCTV monitoring service provides the equipment and expertise and is the perfect answer to ensuring minimising your losses.


Our track record in reducing losses and pinpointing dishonesty, point of sale transgressions, external pilfering and shoplifting will give you the peace of mind that you require regarding your business’ security.

  “Tape a Day” Service

Whether you have the equipment or not, we can still assist you with our Tape a Day programme by monitoring your business off side and taking on full management of the system.  Our service includes highlighting incidents of dishonesty, providing edited incident tapes, weekly statistics reports and creating tapes for training and induction programmes.


This programme allows you to record activities within selected areas of your business.  Operated via sequential switcher technology this system allows you to ensure that employees are deterred from any misdemeanors as they cannot be sure which area is being monitored at any particular point in time.

  EAS Monitoring

Effective EAS systems require careful management of both the equipment and the tagging processes.  This ensures that tagging does occur and activation is acted upon.  Our manpower personnel are trained in these processes, thereby ensuring that your equipment gleans the desired results – ensuring that stock does not leave your stores.

  Fingerprint Access Control

The GFRA3000-CC lock successfully combines worldwide top-level fingerprint recognition technology with a traditional high quality electronic lock.  These locks are suitable for office access, managerial offices, computer server rooms, banks, scientific research institutes, army, police, and public security departments and personnel security amongst others.  Enrollment and erasure of fingerprints is done on the lock directly, no need for PC support.  The lock can store 250 fingerprint templates alternatively when linked up to a network it can hold many more.

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  Face & Number Plate Recognition
    This state of the art biometric technology assists in the identification of repeat troublemakers, banned gamblers, shoplifters and the like.  The installation is fairly straightforward and it is user friendly to operate.  Once the system identifies a suspect the Security Operator can then decide on what appropriate action should be taken according to Client specified procedures.

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