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South Africa's Oldest Screening and Vetting Company

EMPS, South Africa's oldest screening and vetting company established in South Africa in 1981, specialises in "Workforce Integrity Solutions".

Applicant Screening 




Lie detection


Loss prevention

EMPS is a Level 2 BB-BEE Contributor (125% recognition level)

EMPS offers a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, client web-portal through which clients utilise EMPS broad range of services.

EMPS is SA's first choice in Pre-employment screening;

  • STATE-OF-THE-ART ON-LINE SCREENING PORTAL; EMPS system works on profile creation, track requests, set-up unique client set-up and billing structures
  • TOP SERVICE; Each and every client is important to us, we are not too big to care
  • EXCELLENT TURN-AROUND TIMES; We do our best to achieve the best SLA in the industry
  • COMPETITIVE RATES; Our pricing is very competitive and we have negotiable rates to suit each individual business needs.
  • NO ADDITIONAL/MONTHLY COSTS; EMPS does not charge subscription fees or additional charges for phone calls etc.
  • VALUE-ADDED SERVICE OFFERING; Supplier vetting, Candidate assessments and Lie Detection
  • AFIS; EMPS is an authorized reseller of AFIS checks-the most accurate way to check criminal records