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AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System

AFIS is the Police Criminal Database used to check criminal records. EMPS is an accredited reseller of AFISwitch Criminal Fingerprint Checking. EMPS offers clients 2 AFIS options;

1. Clients can purchase their own fingerprint reader and capture their own applicant fingerprints using EMPS iCheck software which is an integration of Ideco's AFIS technology and EMPS screening technology.


2. Clients can utilise the National AFIS Network that EMPS have set-up and send applicants to have their prints captured at one of the 13 EMPS branches


  • This process involves purchasing a fingerprint reader & licence, installing EMPS iCheck Software and training users.
  • iCheck is an easy-to-use operating system, with integrated screening
  • iCheck allows offline capture of prints- no connection required, only for upload
  • Upload selected checks- delete unwanted ones
  • Ability to re-launch checks without having to re-capture
  • Easy to download and install (no disks required)
  • Updates built into system