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Skills Tests


Skills and abilities tests help to identify candidates' job suitability. How often do candidates claim that they have skills they do not in fact have...make them PROVE IT! By easy-to-use, online skills tests

More than 1,000 online, validated employee assessments for specific job classifications, EMPS has integrated skills assessment testing into its online screening portal.Tests include, but not limited to;

SA based tests; SA Basic Numeric Conversion (Numeracy), SA English as a second language (Literacy), SA Call Centre Basic Spelling, SA Typing

Software; Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power-point, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe

Call Centre; Call centre data entry, Call centre inbound sales skills, Call centre outbound sales skills, Call centre telephone etiquette, Call centre customer service survey

Technical; .Net, Java, Chrystal reports, Oracle,

Office/Professional; Arithmetic, Typing Skills, Data Entry

Financial; Data entry

Industrial; Arithmatic, Matching, Spacial reasoning