Faking it

Lies, damned lies and CVs.
Noseweek Issue #195, 1st January 2016 main_faking_it
With the slew of fake qualifications that seems to have plagued the public sector over the past year, many school-leavers will wonder whether it’s acceptable to alter their matric certificates in the hope of increasing their chances of finding a job. One popular ploy is to add desirable subjects such as maths and science, another is to change symbols from, say,  an E to an A or a B.

Police recently arrested members of syndicates alleged to have forged documents ranging from passports and IDs, to matric certificates, to permanent residence permits for illegal aliens.

Kirsten Halcrow, CEO of background-screening company EMPS, said matric certificates were the most widely forged qualifications documents.

“There is a perception that if senior members of government can lie about their qualifications – and in many cases, get away with it for years – why not take a chance in the hope that nobody will take the trouble to verify the certificate?”

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