Psychometric and competency-based assessment

“He seemed perfect for the job but when it got down to it, he just didn’t make the grade”.
Cultural fit and capability go hand-in-hand when making employment decisions and our assessments can give you valuable insight into workplace-fit. Our tools provide an objective and holistic view of capabilities to reduce the risk of getting it wrong. In the long run, we help you to make cost-effective and well informed people decisions.


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Culture consistency

Change to Organisational fit.

Relevant reports

Change to Insightful reports.

Facilitate development

Facilitate HR decision making.

New narrative

Determine if an applicant fits the role, team or organisation through our diverse selection of tests.

New narrative

Reveal information about capabilities and potential of people through relevant, competency-based reports.


Use assessments for pre-screening of external applicants or to develop the talent from within.