SA officials not more likely to lie on their CVs, they just get caught: government

South Africans are not lying about their qualifications in greater numbers.

Rather‚ the private and public sectors should be commended for dealing with fake qualifications‚ says a government spokesperson.

The country has been embarrassed by a spate of high-earning officials who are found out to have lied on their job resumes.

“The increase in the numbers is not a reflection that the public and private sectors are littered with fake qualifications‚ but it is an indication that as a country we are striving towards dealing with the few people who use fake and fraudulent qualifications‚” Acting Cabinet Spokesperson Phumla Williams said in a statement today.

She said the increase in the number of companies and government departments ensuring the verification of academic and professional qualifications of prospective employees‚ as reported by quality assurance body Umalusi‚ was an indication that South Africa is moving towards clean governance.

Williams said it was important to uphold values such as fairness‚ transparency‚ ethical conduct and accountability.

“People using fake qualifications are damaging the credibility and reputation of institutions of higher learning. The incidents of misrepresentation are serious and will not be tolerated in our country as they impact negatively on the credibility of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). It is imperative that employers check the qualifications of all candidates and not just those slated for senior or sensitive positions‚” she said.

Williams added that faking academic qualification is a criminal offence which should be dealt with by all the employers.

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