Tuesday, December 02, 2008

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Most companies are vulnerable to employee dishonesty. When employing new staff it is important to make the right decision. Just one unscrupulous individual can do untold damage.
In any communication with an individual, where the objective is to employ him or her, credentials can be attested to, omitted, inflated or exaggerated, and quite often are. In a competitive job market with high unemployment rates and uncertain social and economic trends, there is a marked increase in the preparation of fraudulent credentials among candidates in all sectors




Criminal name check

This establishes, based on ID no. if the applicant has a possible criminal record or not

 24hrs If loaded before 14:30

Criminal fingerprint check

Details of ‘possible record’ supplied, based on submission of physical fingerprints

 4-8 weeks

Educational qualification verification

EMPS verifies South African, African & Global qualifications

 See SLA

Financial check

ITC & Experian checks. The applicant’s financial history is probed and we ascertain whether he/she has any recorded judgements, bankruptcies, etc.

 1-2 hrs (During business hours)

Drivers licence

Verification of SA driver’s licence

 2-3 Working days

ID verification

Verify SA ID document

 1-2 hrs (During business hours)

Verification of previous employ

Verification of employment position, dates, responsibilities

 2-3 days

Verification of previous employ -- incl. character ref

Verification of employment position, dates, responsibilities incl. work performance and conduct

 2-3 days

Principal link

Displays all businesses linked to an individual

 2-3 hrs

Bank check

Company bank information that is investigated by the credit bureau.

 1-8 hrs

Mini company report-on file

Mini business credit report that is on file as of the current date. In the report the business identification is displayed (business name, start date, industry, duns number, business function, phone number, fax number, VAT number, physical and postal address), name history, registration details as per the registrar of companies, member break down, civil court records, default data, notorial bond information, principals summary (principals are any registered director(s) or member(s) linked to the company.

2-3 hrs

Full company report investigated

Full business credit report which is investigated by the credit bureau. The report takes 38 hours to complete but if on file information is available it will be returned real time.

5-7 days

Written Integrity Test

Psychometric test used to measure factors of Integrity

24 hrs

Pre-employment polygraph/ Layered Voice Analysis test

Lie detection testing Includes obtaining the truth about an applicant’s past employment, terminations, arrests, addictions and debts. Additional points can be covered as desired.

24 hrs

























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